iPhone Camera Repair

Has your iPhone Camera stopped working, behaving strangely, just seeing a black screen? We can repair your iPhone by doing an iPhone camera replacement or an iPhone camera repair.

Our technicians are certified with many years of experience in iPhone repairs and our certified shop has repaired many phones and we guarantee that your iPhone will work perfectly again.

We carry out all repairs in our own workshop, we do not send the phone to another service center. This allows us to have the fastest and cheapest service on the market. Most repairs we fix or repair within 1 hour.

Lens closed or a black screen?

Try these steps if a closed lens is displayed or if the screen is black when using the camera app:

  • Make sure nothing is in the way of the camera lens. Using a case? Try removing it.
  • Close the app and try opening the Camera App again.
  • Restart your device, and then open the Camera App again.
  • If your iPhone has a front and rear camera, try both cameras by pressing the symbol .

If any of the cameras have a black screen then you need to make an iPhone camera replacement or an iPhone camera repair contact us.

The pictures are blurry or out of focus?

Try these steps if your images are out of focus, blurry or dark spots:

  • Make sure the lens is clean. For cleaning use a microfiber cloth. If you find dirt or dust please contact us.
  • IPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus have optical image stabilization and a magnetic mount can interfere with the function. Try taking a photo with your iPhone without accessories and then compare pictures.
  • Before taking a photo click on the person or object you want to focus on. When you record a video, you can adjust the focus before you start recording.

Still  have problem with the focus then maybe you an iPhone camera replacement or an iPhone camera repair? Contact us.

The flash does not work?

  • Use the Control Center to test the LED flash. Turn off the flashlight and then turn it on again. If the LED flash does not work as a flashlight please contact us.
  • Check your flash settings if the flash does not work or turn on every time you take a picture. Touch the top left of the screen and select a different setting.
  • If you record a longer video with the flash on or if you are using the device in a very hot environment, a message may appear that says the flash is off. The message appears until the device has cooled down.

If you still need an iPhone camera replacement or an iPhone camera repair please contact us.

All parts are of the highest quality and always comes with 100 days warranty.

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Important information:

If it is possible to make a backup of your device data , we recommend that you do so before you bring it here.

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Come in and leave your iPhone for an iPhone camera replacement or an iPhone camera repair , please contact us.

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