iPhone 6 Home button replacement


iPhone 6 home button defective or sluggish? We can repair your iPhone by making an iPhone 6 home button replacement or an iPhone 6 home button repair.


Our technicians are certified with many years of experience in iPhone repairs and our certified shop has repaired many phones and we guarantee that your iPhone 6 will work perfectly again.

We carry out all repairs in our own workshop, we do not send the phone to another service center. This allows us to have the fastest and cheapest service on the market. Most repairs we fix or repair within 1 hour.


If the home button is not working


You can find the home button located at the bottom of the front of your iPhone. If the home button does not work, follow these steps:


Press the lock button once.

Wait a few seconds.

Press the home button. Your screen should be lit up.


If your home button is not working, follow these steps. Test the home button after each step:


  1. Restart the device.
  2. Check for dirt or debris around the home button and clean with a soft
  3. Remove all shells and covers that cover the home button.


If you still need iPhone 6 home button replacement or an iPhone 6 home button repair, contact us.


All parts are of the highest quality and always comes with 100 days warranty.

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Important information:

If it is possible to make a backup of the device's data, we recommend that you do it before.


Drop in to the store or book appointment for a iPhone 6 home button replacement or an iPhone 6 home button repair or contact us.

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