iPhone 6s Glass Replacement

$150.00 $89.99

iPhone 6s Glass Replacement

Does your iPhone 6s have these symptoms: Cracked or broken glass but with working LCD and touch? Then you may need iPhone 6s Glass Replacement or iPhone 6s Glass Repair , please contact us.

The LCD (the actual part that displays the picture) needs to be in perfect condition or it won’t be suited for a glass replacement. The touch screen has to work to ( Touch screen is the part that makes you operate the screen in order to make a tap or navigate buy touching or sliding).

All parts are of the highest quality and always comes with 100 days warranty.

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Important information:

If it is possible to make a backup of your device data, we recommend that you do so before you bringing it to us.

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Come in and leave your iPhone for repair of the iPhone 6s Glass Replacement or iPhone 6s Glass Repair , please contact us.

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