iPhone 7 plus Glass Replacement or Glass Repair

iPhone 7 plus Glass Replacement or Glass Repair

$220.00 $140.00

LCD and touch screen working perfectly and only damaged your iPhone 7 plus glass? Then you just need an iPhone 7 plus glass replacement or and iPhone 7 plus glass repair. We will replace the glass with a discounted rate and make sure it works like new again.

Replacing the glass only is hard and time consuming work but we will install a already glass replaced iPhone 7 plus screen so you won’t have to wait for days, instead this process will only take within 1 hour.

Bring it in to us and save yourself money and time. No need of booking appointment , dropping by works fine. We will assure you that your iPhone works fine again after doing our diagnostics.

Important information:

All parts are of the highest quality and always comes with 100 days warranty.

If it is possible to make a backup of your device data, we recommend that you do so before you bringing it to us.

Leave in store:

Come in and leave your iPhone for repair of the iPhone 7 plus Glass Replacement or iPhone 7 plus Glass Repair , please contact us.

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